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The value of "Value Added"

It's always nice to get that great deal, the cheaper price then show your mates just how good the deal was. It seems that the better deal you get the bigger hero you are! But sometimes the old addage "you pay for what you get" rings true, and when it does is more of a big GONG than a little bell.

Sometimes you will find a retailer offering a "too good to be true" price on the Tools you are buying only to find out later that you may have been jipped on the cost of the shipping. 

One of the greatest lessons we have learned and applied to our business dealings since 1999 is to offer our clients the following:

  1. The best possible price.
  2. Value added bonus items
  3. Free shipping if possible but also fast shipping.
  4. As much information as possible about their shipment.
  5. Personalised service that allows clients to contact us anytime during business hours. 

We have also added our facebook page to the list of contact points which is monitored after hours, so you can get answers even when the office is closed! 

If you ever need to see a good example of our value added policy have a look at our Toolkit Sale which offers all of the above points to our clients. Also check out our Members Lounge which is always being updated with extra discount codes and free gifts to members.

So you can rest assured that we at Transquip Tools take your business very seriously and with over 16 years of online trading in Australia will always make sure you are happy with the overall Transquip Tools Shopping Experience.